Digital Eclipse, who has worked on the Turtles collection, is already looking at the next project-Tiny Toon Adventures

Game collections are nowadays a tough word if, among other things, Pac-Man-, _uncharted\ and portal publications are believed. More would be the case if it was closed to Digital Clips, which worked on the recent Turtles package.

In recent years, Digital Eclipse studio has been working on a huge bunch of collections of mega man, Disney and Samurai showdown. The latest newcomer to this group is the recently published TEENAGE Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection, which collected praise from the right and left in our review.

The studio’s Twitter account just responded to a message that reminds the INAMI game house that once worked on a bunch of tiny too Adventures games, which would also be worthy of re-release.

According to Twist, these drawings based on cartoon characters are a really fun set of games and the studio’s production director also thinks they would be a great theme for a collection.

Based on the characters in the animated series, the titles have been released closer to 20 platforms for different platforms, including Game Boy, Super Nintendo and the first PlayStation.

Time will tell if brother Vemmelsäri and his partners are also available for the present iron.

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