How to get through VOID Rift in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a massive multiplayer online game in which you can participate in adventures alone or with other players. Since this is a MMO game, playing with other players is the most pleasant way of adventure. This is especially true if you want to go through some of the most difficult parts of the game called Voodiid Rifts. Here’s how to succeed in these party-oriented tasks.

What is Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy?

Void Rifts is complex dungeons, which are often part of daily and weekly tests in Tower of Fantasy, which players are held to get awards. These dungeons can be insidious, as there are bosses at the end. These monsters require special training, since most of them have weaknesses that can be used. But first, you must go through many enemies in order to be honored to be defeated by a large bad boss.

The best way to go through rift in Tower of Fantasy

In addition, you can plan an attack, and not just run in the style of Lira Jenkins. But since this is not always possible, get ready to become the best teammate. Regardless of whether you are fighting together with friends or random players, the strategy for passing VOID Rift is the same.

Pull your best equipment *-do not experiment if you are not 100%sure that the character’s build is effective.
Equipped with an effective shield with a weapon. *-a crow’s braid (the king’s simulacrum) can quickly break the boss shields to quickly turn the tide of the battle.
* As in any MMO, you will need a healer to survive. If there is no healer, take a lot of food with you so that the health band is complete.

You always need good support *-especially if you know the vulnerable places of enemies in the fault (for example, volt).
Gather the buffs that you will find along the path *-they look like soaring blue pyramids. If you do not need a certain buff you have collected, you can always transfer it to another member of the group.

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