Domestic sales exceeded 300,000 in about a week since the launch of Earth Defense Force 6. EDF enrollment, which continues to increase at the fastest in the series, the future of the earth is bright

On September 2, Dice Lee Publisher announced that the Earth Defense Force 6 has exceeded 300,000 in Japan (including the download version). This work has been released on August 25 for PS4/PS5. The price is 8980 yen including tax for both the package and download version. The download version also sells Deluxe Edition included with a season pass, and the price is 12,100 yen including tax.


The Earth Defense Force series is an action game from a third-person perspective. Set on the earth that has been invaded by extraterrestrial life, he will fight with the surprise flocking as a member of EDF (Earth Defense Force). The new work, Earth Defense Force 6, depicts the devastated Earth three years after the end of the Earth Defense Force 5. The scars received by the primer invasion are deep, and the once-proud civilization remains ruined. Rather than having a prospect of reconstruction, will there be tomorrow’s best humanity just to live every day?

In this work, EDF members have four troops. A ranger fights with his feet on the ground as an expert in battle that is good at handling firearms. A wing diver equipped with a flight unit and attacks from the air with energy weapons. A fencer equipped with an unpleasant skeletal skeleton and can carry heavy equipment. Air bomb guideline Air Raider who accompanies infantry and accurately requests air bombing. Players manipulate four military departments as EDF members, use the characteristics and weapons of each department, and fight threats. The volume of this work is considered to be the largest in the series history, including the largest missions ever and weapons and weapons. In multiplayer, it supports two-player co-op in the screen split and online cooperation play with up to four players.

A backpack appears as a new armed frame for Ranger and Air Raider. Wing divers have also newly added independent operation equipment. There are also fine changes that color the game play, such as the addition of the conventional viewpoint and the camera setting that can be switched to the shoulder. Game play by four troops that have continued from the Earth Defense Force 4 has been further brushed up.

The domestic sales of this work Earth Defense Force 6 exceeded 300,000 within a week of its release. It is the fastest achievement in the series history. The number of world-selling Earth Defense Force 4 is 450,000 (excluding sales of the upgrade version of Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair). It has been reported that the domestic sales of the previous work Earth Defense Force 5 have exceeded 1 million in the world, with 500,000 units in the world. The domestic sales of Earth Defense Force 6 seem to be approaching the domestic sales of the previous work as soon as possible. The number of players, which has been steadily increasing, is probably reflected in the initial sales of this work Earth Defense Force 6.

In addition, Earth Defense Force 6 comes with three types of decoral deco-recruiters for ranger as an early purchase privilege. Decoy Recruiter for Soldier Recruitment is a converted advertising balloon that once created for soldiers recruitment to battle decoy. The three types of EDF Public Relations, which are designed to imitate the idols contracted, have a woman Vtuber belonging to Holo Live. They are the appearance of Hakugami Fubuki, Ayame Hyakki, and Mio Ogami, and has a function to speak. Early purchase benefits are until November 30 in the download version. On the other hand, early purchase benefits in the package version are enclosed only for the first manufacturing. I want to keep in mind that the number is limited.

Earth Defense Force 6 is on sale for PS4/PS5.

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