How to get the crosshair of Jesus/Holy Cross in Valorant

After updating the Valorant 5.04 patch, the Valorant community made various sights based on well-known topics or popular pop culture. One of these crosses, making their way according to the community, is the crosshair of Jesus or the Holy Cross. As the name implies, the crosshair form is similar to Holycross. To make the sight of Jesus/Holy Cross in Valorant, You must turn off both the central and external lines, while maintaining the internal lines .

Codes Code Valorant Holycross

The best way to get the Fabled Holycross sight is to import the next code into one of your sight profiles.

Code: 0; p; u; f39c12ff; h; 0; 0l; 7; 0v; 15; 0g; 1; 0o; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1b; 0 **


Settings of the Jesus Valorant

If you want to configure the crosshair manually, you can use the following settings to create a crossbar of Jesus.

General Settings of the sight

Inner lines

External lines

The sight is good?

Surprisingly, crossing is somewhat good due to its compactness and simple design. You can easily control the return of such guns as Phantom or Vandal, following the long vertical cross-line line. We recommend first to use the sight in casual matches, and then check it in the rating.

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