My Hero Academia establishes the return of a main character

The last numbers of My Hero Academia have been quite shocking for fans, since the final war between heroes and villains continues its course, leaving fallen characters. And as many know, Bakugo was one of the main affected in the arch, something that could change shortly thanks to the sacrifice of someone very brave.

Spoilers ahead!

Chapter 364 of My Hero Academia ended with the decision of a professional hero to save Bakugo . It turns out that Edgeshot is willing to sacrifice his own life to save this Young hero aspiring, and the chapter ends with the experienced doing precisely that. This in order to bet on a new generation of promises.


The vignette shows the leveling of Edgeshot with Best Jeanist about the state of Bakugo . The young man’s heart exploded from inside out and his pulse is null. Thus, Edgeshot informs Best Jeanist that he will sacrifice his own life to solve the problem.

The character can fold in tiny threads as if it were paper. Edgeshot already used this power to enter the bodies of others and force them to retire. Now, he will use the definitive technique to repair the heart, but that will force to remain inside. It is said that the technique is irreversible, so it would be the end of his life.

Remember that the animated version of My Hero Academia returns in October.

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