Elden Ring: the most mysterious NPC of the game that Miyazaki decided to shut up to maintain his magic

The players deelden Ring know it, The intermediate lands are populated by creatures and characters of all kinds. Most, thanks to the efforts of George Rr Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, have their own real story. Others, like the one we are going to talk to you today, are still mysterious. Better than that, The golden mask seems buried in an eternal silence.

However, in the credits of the game, the character half man half an corpse has his own voice actor. Intrigued by the presence of an actor for a character who only says…, a mining of data called Sekiro Dubi did his investigation and made an amazing discovery.

The golden mask is not so silent

The golden mask is a key character in the Lore of Elden Ring. We are not going to spoil (at least not immediately), but a complete ending includes the involvement of it. However, if you find it you will realize that it is not very sociable. You will only point out the tree of the world and will not say a word. At least, that’s what we think so far. The Mining of data Sekiro Dubi found in the files of the game a replica of the famous golden mask, that was cut before the launch of the game last February.

Instead of its usual silence, the golden mask loose what seems to be a short phrase of three words , whose meaning is still difficult to decipher. In the version with extracted data, this new dialogue line appears during a crucial mission, Show when the player confesses to the golden mask the true identity of Radagon/Marika.

It is here when the golden mask would pronounce, according to Sekiro Dubiis… why not? . Therefore, the impact of such an ad would have made the curious character recover speech. Then everything would make sense to him, hence theWhy not? . Of course, this is just a theory and Fromsoftware has not confirmed any information about this NPC.

Why did Fromsoftware eliminate this dialogue line?


According to the Dataminer behind the discovery, this exit of silence would have added depth to the character , and perhaps he would have shown the players that he feels emotions, beyond being a worshiper of the tree of the tree.

Perhaps that is why Fromsoftware decided to eliminate this dialogue line, precisely for the golden mask, keep that mystery that surrounds it. Surely we will never know the reason why the company decided to definitively condemn this character. But One thing is safe, the golden mask will continue to fascinate us regardless of whether or not.

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