Torch Wright: Infinite, FGT for domestic influencers

** -ARPG , domestic influencer FGT

** -Test proceeds to influencers with professional vision in nuclear and slash and related genres.

-In preparation for launch in Korea, starting with the FGT for influencers

XD announced on the 25th that its new ARPG , which was developed by the company, will carry out FGT for domestic influencers.

Torch Wright: Infinite is a game based on the official Lunic Games’ Torch Wright IP License. 200 years from Torch Wright 2, you can join as one of the Torch Wright team members to experience the fun of freedom in the background of leaving adventure to prevent various disasters.

You can create a variety of core talent unions in the talent system that forms the game, and you can enjoy the fun of finding your own combat style from it. This allows everyone in the game to enjoy a unique strategy and battle in the freedom of choice.


In particular, the game was created in the spirit of craftsmanship that adhered to the diversity of guide, graduality, and strategy, which are the three major principles of development through the ‘talent system’.

In ‘Guide’, the theme and tags specified on the 24 talent boards act as guides for the growth direction. For example, ‘multi-magic Arrow’ skills are tagged with ‘project body’ and ‘magic’, and if you find and learn about ‘projectors’ and ‘magic’ on the talent board, the initial character will be completed. Users can grow by stepping on this reasonable system.

In ‘graduality’, the talent grows and develops with the characters. The user selects one of six basic talent boards at the beginning of the game and learns a basic talent point that can greatly improve combat efficiency.

In the middle of the game, when the second talent board’s core talent is opened, the existing skills and attributes can be combined with some mechanisms with certain conditions. In the second half of the game, when all six key talents of the three talent boards are opened, the true selection and construction of the true meaning begins.

In the diversity of strategy, all the users’ choices can be meaningful. ‘Add’ can directly affect the user’s skill effect, and you can completely change the combat style through ‘Pago and modification’.

Torch Wright: Infinite, which runs FGT, invites influencers with professional field of view in nuclei and slash and related genres. The influencers are ready to listen to feedback on the basis of professional view of related genres, and furthermore, they plan to accept various opinions as general gamers.

After the Influencer’s FGT, the company will begin to launch in earnest in Korea. Currently, the Google Play Store is in advance with a variety of rewards, and even after the FGT version, the company will gradually improve its completeness through the multi-time global CBT, and will be released in various ways to increase the atmosphere.

For more information about the pre-booking and game of , please visit official website and Discord channel , Taptap channel .

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