Exploration ADV MINEKOS NIGHT MARKET to live on the island with ghost cats New video release [Gamescom2022]

Gamescom 2022, the largest game event in Europe, started on August 24, 2022, Japan time. In the distribution of Awesome Indies Show 2022, which introduces new indie game information, Humble Bundle has released a new video of PC and Nintendo Switch adventure Mineko’s Night Market .

This work is an adventure game in which a girl Mineko who has moved to a mysterious island that leaves Japanese culture is deeply colored with the ghost cats living there.

It features a retro atmosphere like Showa, such as a bottle ramune that is familiar in the stall and advertising on the wall of the shop. I can’t read the letters, but the meaning is somehow understandable, and the air floating from this work is definitely wrapped in a feeling that I can’t say.

You can get along with many residents through the cycle of obtaining ingredients, handmade selling, and sells at your own night shop that opens once a week. From handwritten graphics and atmosphere, it reminds me of such nostalgia that I went to a distant countryside during the summer vacation.

Mineko’s Night Market , which stimulates distant childhood and nostalgia, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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