Who betrays you at the beginning of Saints Row?

Saints Row begins with a mystery, since everything was going well for the Saints until things took an unexpected turn and the character you just created is apparently dead. So, this is what you need to know about who buries you at the beginning/ betrays you in Saints Row .

* Spoilers below *

Who bursts you alive at the beginning of Saints Row?

The game begins with a luxurious party at the headquarters of the Saints, in which everyone has fun. A well-dressed man named Antonio Espina appears at the main door with a suitcase full of money and says that he wants to do business with the boss since his old society really did not work.

The boss, your character, sees it and throws some swear words towards some of the other factions in Santo ileso. Suddenly, the game short and throw you into an empty grave and ask you why before they throw you over.

The scene is a quick advance, and then the real beginning takes place a few months before. It was not revealed who buried you, the boss.

Who betrays you in Saints Row

Unfortunately, it seems that your previous team formation exercise in the game does not work, since it turns out that Nahualli is the one who tries to bury you alive. This happens quite late in the game when the Saints become a powerful gang In Santo Inslato after some successful missions eliminate the chiefs from the other factions.

You, Kev, Eli and Neenah decide to organize a great party to celebrate. The four are outside the headquarters of the Saints, proud of what everyone has achieved. The other three enter while Nahualli appears at the party and speaks with you.

The boss had taken Nahualli to jail near the start of the game and then took it out, later, to help with the theft of a train. He says he thought about your offer to join the gang and he always felt just because he was tired of others. He saw how you treated your friends and would do anything for them.

Nahualli then stabs the boss in the stomach. I didn’t want to be your friend, I wanted to have your life. He tries to defend himself, but then throw him into an empty grave. He always promises to protect your friends and bury you alive.

That is all that you have to know that he buries at the beginning and betrays you in Saints Row . Click on the links below to get more guides and check DLPRIVATOSERVER again to get more Saint Row coverage.

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