Negative evaluation more new Saintslow… Why is it criticism?

Overseas reviewers’ evaluation of the new Saints Row series has been revealed. The title, which rebooted the original with a new sense and brought the concerns and expectations of existing fans at the same time, is also mixed.

One day before the official launch on August 23, the average rating of Saints Row, which was compiled by the open critics of the rating site, is 67 points and the recommendation rate is 47%. There are many cases where expert rating is mixed with market evaluation, but in this case, it is difficult to guarantee success.

In summary, the biggest disadvantages of the reviewers pointed out that the biggest disadvantage of the Saintslow Reboot is that it has not pursued either of the charm of the existing series and the quality of the next-generation open world.

As a result of strengthening the development capabilities of large game companies that mainly make triple A games, the user expectation for the genre has increased significantly. In particular, there are many users who want to experience the ‘living’ world and game experience with diverse and rich content.

On the other hand, Saintslow reboot has a lot of activity, but the attractiveness is less attractive, and the game is boring and ordinary overall.


In particular, many point out that the wrong and inappropriate sense of humor that the existing series showed was not noticeable. The media VGC said, The developers seemed to have made a compromise, whether they would give a clear super power to the character or return to the second episode. As a result, it has become awkward.

IGN also joined the harsh evaluation. IGN said, The fun of superficial shooting is rich. However, this is a common content that is commonly found in the sandbox genre, and it is unlikely to be surprised by any of the existing users who have used Saints Row.

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