Cosmic horror The Chant new trailer unveiled

Playon’s Prime Matter unveiled two episodes of ‘The Cast Trailer’ and ‘New Age Cult Trailer’ of the third-person horror action adventure game ‘The Chant’ developed by Brass Token.

The Meet the Cast Trailer, which was released on the 16th of Germany, introduced the real actors who played their voice and motion in The Chant and expressed their feelings.

Jessica Bria, the main character in the game played by actor Siobhan Williams, is a glory Island from Kim Mallari, played by Kira Clavel. Get invited. Jess heads to Glory Island in anticipation of a resort on her beautiful secluded island.

Through this vacation, Jess expected her to face her trauma in her school days and anticipated her Kim and her tangled thread, but waiting for her to survive her terrible horror It was a fight.


She Kim is a student of Tyler Anton (actress Adam Millard), and she feels that she is healed as his seminar, especially she is very excited to see her spiritual retreat in Glory Island. do. But is it a spiritual leader who heals a person’s inside as she thinks?

Tyler has inherited Glory Island from his mother and is ambition to peak in the world and the universe through this together with people to participate in Prism Science. Hanna Wilson, played by actor Emily Tennant, is Tyler’s right arm. She has never experienced this sense of belonging, and she is very looking forward to this spiritual retreat.

Maya Kalani (Nicole Anthony) remained on the island to heal and confront her past wounds. Tyler could easily attend her meeting by looking at her eyes wandering around the island. She has special souls and energy.

Lastly, Sonny Sonti, played by actor Pranet Akilla, met Tyler and decided to sponsor his energy and heritage to support Prism Science Group. Sony wants to reflect on the past, which was regretted through this journey and find the ultimate meaning of life.

In the ‘Introduction Trailer’, you can listen to more details about complex characters who will empower the Psycho delic horror. In the New Age Cult Trailer, which is released together, you can vividly check the actual combat play with the atmosphere of the pseudo denomination and prism science that has become the background of all these spiritual meetings.

In Korea, on November 3, the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will be officially released into a digital version, and the PC platform will be added.

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