All changes in Calder in season 5 Call of Duty Warzone

Although most Call of Duty players: Warzone is more inclined to Calder, the developers have always tried to improve the characteristics of the Pacific Islands map to make it more attractive. With the update of the last battle of the 5th season, some significant changes will be made in Caldera, which will change the general gameplay of the royal battle so that the players remain fresh.

All Caldera Changes in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

After starting the 5th season, players will notice the following changes when they first get to Calder:

Volcanic activity at the peak: * Peak is the central area of the map and one of the most visited attractions (POI) Calders. Although he makes other parts of the card accessible due to a high height, it also makes it difficult to turn due to steep rise and huge stones. In this update, a large eruption of the volcano will change the shape of a peak and cause lava flows that will flow down the mountain.
The new design of the Gulag: The new combat zone of the Gulag, inspired by the original rainfalls from Verdansk, will be added in the beginning of the fifth season.
Changes in lighting: Although Calder looks much better than Verdansk, there is still something to work on. In the fifth season, lighting changes surrounded by Calders and the Island of the Renaissance will also be implemented. Changes in the color palette are aimed at making cards more vivid.

Moreover, Operation: the last call , with the participation of the iconic Call of Duty Antagonists, is a game mode inspired by find and destroy, which will appear with the launch of the 5th season. The outcome of this mode limited time will depend on the result of your match.

New Functions in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

Season 5 will also present new objects and tactical gadgets for Caldera:

Judgment Day: * Activation of this device leads enemy helicopters to you. On these helicopters are located soldiers of AI, from which you have to protect the station. Successfully protect the territory to get unique awards. Only one Day of Judgeum appears randomly during the match, and you need $ 10,000 in cash to activate it.
BBP supply box: While the UAV murders a series notes the closest enemies on the map for you and your team, the new Supply Box BPL will celebrate nearby supply boxes on your tactical map for about 15 seconds. This series of murders can be obtained as prey or buy at the purchase stations.
Personal box with supplies: these are extremely rare chests that give you weapons for equipment, as well as a huge increase in XP, which helps to increase your level.
* Waste serum: Equipping this new field improvement increases your damage in close combat, the range of attacks and the stunning force when using close combat weapons or fists. While effects are acting, you will sound louder for your enemies and are very vulnerable when stunning and flash, since your weapon will have a higher return.


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