Monster Romance Sim Kaichu – The Kaiju Dating SIM will be released on September 7. Possibly dance at famous places in the world, passionate love that destroys the world and threatens humanity

Publisher Top Hat Studios announced on August 18 that it will release Kaichu-The Kaiju Dating Sim (Kaichiu) at 23:00 on September 7 Japan time. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games store). The price is expected to be $ 9.99 (about 1340 yen at the time of writing this article). The console version will be released for overseas.


KAICHU is a romantic simulation game between monsters. The player becomes a giant monster GIGACHU, aiming for romance and kissing with other monsters. Date in tourist destinations around the world and deepen relationships by courtship dance, not words.

The six monsters with a habit are to capture this work. The trailer includes Turpio, which combines turtles and scorpions, Tephra like a volcanic spirit that uses flames, and SEADORA like a three-neck dragon. They say they have their own stories. As a date place, 24 landmarks from all over the world appear. Let’s visit tourist destinations such as the Freedom Goddess and Tokyo Tower to deepen the relationship. The landmark is destroyed in a date, but that’s not the case.

The means of communication for monsters is not a word, but a courting dance. If you can’t dance the other person, you can’t deepen your relationship. On the other hand, the opponent’s capture does not seem to be completely groping. It is said that the taste of the opponent’s monster and the interpretation of the dance will be explained in the news in the game. Based on analysis by experts, it is likely to explore the preferences of the capture.

Despite the courtship dance, humans do not overlook the landmark being destroyed. Occasionally, the army may interfere with the love road. Can you overcome such obstacles and make love? Gigachu’s love is in the player’s hand.

The development of this work is California-based Squiddershins. It is a studio between Jason Boyer, who is in charge of art, and Ryan Pietz, who is in charge of the story. In the past, titles such as Tick Tock Isle and Merrily Perilly have been developed. Adorable graphics and stories are well received. The characteristic of these studios will be demonstrated in Kaichu. I also want to look forward to the music that CLARK ABOUD, who was involved in the songs of Slay the Spire.

Kaichu-The Kaiju Dating SIM will be released on September 7 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas console.

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