Passing Roblox Doors – all monsters and how to survive with them

After the success of The Mimic and Apeirophobia, another experience in horror / survival style joined the Roblox platform. In this experience, players should maneuver and ultimately escape from the ghost hotel, sneaking, running, solving puzzles and, most importantly, evading many frightening monsters. If you are brave enough to go through this test, and look for a guide on how to survive among all these monsters, you are lucky! Continue to read below to find out everything that is known about these unique objects.

All monsters in doors and how to survive with them


Rushing is one of the first, if not the first, entities with which the players will face hotel . When the rash appears, the light in several rooms will begin to flicker, and you will hear a distorted growing sound-this is your sign to hide! Hasting can be avoided by hiding in a ventilation hole or a closet or crawling under the bed. If you fail to find the shelter before Rush rushes past, you will die when contacting. As soon as the rash passes, all the lights in the rooms through which he ran, will go out, but you can continue the path to the next door without fear of his return.

Sometimes Rush will make the light flush without actual revival. In these cases, follow your back and continue moving to the next door.


Every time Rush is configured to appear, it is very small in the likelihood that ambush will appear in its place. Like the rash, the ambush will make the light flicker and create a distorted noise before it appears, and then run through all the nearest corridors / rooms. However, unlike Rush, an ambush can run around these rooms up to six times . The best strategy for survival in an ambush is to hide in the closet when you hear its presence, get out of the closet when it disappears and then repeat this process until it completely disappears. Staying in the closet for too long will lead to spauna hide so it is better to go out and enter again.

The ambush is also extremely faster than rash, so be sure to perform the steps described above at a fast pace!


For those who find comfort in hiding, when it becomes scared, hide here to ruin your day. This shapeless essence appears when players hid too much time under the beds, in ventilation holes or cabinets. If Hide considers that you have hidden too long, your screen will begin to blush and blink with words. Get out , and your pulse will gradually increase, becoming louder and louder every second. If you are still refusing to leave, Hide will eventually lead you out of the place where you are hiding and reduce your health by 40%. Then you will not be able to hide again until the timer restoration is over.


Like Rush and Ambush, Halt reports his presence flickering lights. However, unlike these two entities, the stop does not appear immediately after the flickers of the light. Instead, he appears behind the next numbered door, which the players open. Opening this door, the players will fall into the dark corridor, lit only by luminous blue eyes of the holl.

To escape from the Halt, run along this corridor and go out the door at the other end. When you go along the corridor, you need to follow flashing words, especially turn . When turn appears on your screen, immediately turn the camera/character and go in the opposite direction. You will need to repeat this process, turning and going forward every time a hint appears until you go through the door at the end of the corridor.

If Holt contacts you, you will take 60 damage .


Moving from the room to the room, opening the doors as quickly as possible, it is likely that you will come across a purple glow-this is eyes . After a few seconds, a 36-eyed entity will appear from a purple glow, which will apply 10 units of damage to everyone who will look at it. To survive in the eyes, just maneuver from its area, looking at the floor, ceiling or walls. In general, look anywhere, just not at him!


If you find that you are going through the numbered door and get into the room dark like resin, you may have to beware screech . This essence will report its presence, whispering a quiet PS-when you hear this sound, turn the camera back as quickly as you can, and look directly at the screech. If you look at him in time, he will scream loudly and jump on you, but will not inflict damage. However, if you do not look at him on time, he will scream and jump. a also to deal with 40 damage .

The presence of a light source, such as a flashlight or lighter, will reduce the likelihood of a screech in a dark room.


As for damage from the attack, Jack is a harmless creature. However, from the point of view of psychological damage, this is a completely different story! According to the official Vika Doors, the probability of Jack’s appearance in the closet is 1/20, and the probability of appearing at countless doors is 1/2000. When this essence really appears, it serves as a simple fright of scaring and does not inflict any damage to the player. The more cabinets you open, the greater the likelihood that Jack will appear behind one of them.

As soon as Jack disappears, in the wardrobe or room in which he appeared, it will be possible to enter again.


Anotherin principle_ harmless creature is Timothy , hiding and scaring spiders. Every time you open the box, there is a 1/200 chance that Timothy is frightened by a jump that jumps onto the player’s screen, take 5 hp. and then disappear.


Gluck will appear only on multi-user servers. -If you play alone, the likelihood that the glue will attack you is 0%. In multi-user servers, the gliti attacks only those who deviated from the group, taking from 10 to 40 HP and teleporting them next to other players. If everyone in your team remains together, you do not need to worry about the fact that you will face the glue.


striving is one of two entities that has more than one guaranteed appearance. The players will be faced for the first time with a search somewhere between doors from 30 to 45, and then again somewhere between the doors from 80 to 95. Before the appearance of the search, the players will begin to see disturbing eyeballs on the walls around them.

In the end, passing through the numbered door within the above ranges will lead to the fact that the SEEK will appear from a pile of mucus on the floor. After a short cut-scene, Seek will begin to pursue players on a long corridor and after several doors. During running, follow the white sparkles-they will show you the right path.

During this sequence of execution, there is no need to use C or shift sit down-if you get closer to the path that requires crawling from you, your character will do it automatically. Also, during this sequence, be sure to avoid fallen chandeliers and hands covered with mucus, touching the chandeliers will take 40 HP, and your hands will automatically kill you. If Seek catches up with you, you will also die instantly, so be sure to follow these sparkles!

As soon as you reach the end of the last corridor and enter the next room, the door behind you will close in the face of Seek, locking it outside.


It is likely to avoid an object, figure this is a blind creature that uses its incredible hearing to find players nearby, and sometimes even far away. To survive the figure, it is extremely important to squat and move slowly. The players will meet with the figure twice, once in the room 50 and again in the room 100. If the figure attacks the players, they will die instantly.

If you notice that the figure is approaching you, jump into the nearest closet, if you can, and hide. As it approaches it, the QTE mini-game will appear on your screen, in which you need to either click or press a combination of certain buttons in a short period of time. If you successfully complete this mini-game, the figure will leave the region, giving you time to escape.


That’s all that you need for our leadership about how to survive in every monster/essence in Doors! Be sure to regularly follow the Roblox section on the PGG, since soon we will publish additional guidelines for this experience, including how to pass the levels of 50 and 100.

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