[General] The brilliant resurrection of classic games Nordic Showcase 2022

THQ Nordic held its own showcase ‘THQ Nordic Digital Showcase’, which introduces its new works today (13th).

In this showcase, various games have been released, including new works and remakes, including ‘Nano alone in the dark’, which has been rumored only. Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake 2, ‘Destroy All Humans! 2: Leaf Lowd’, a full-fledged planetary game that pioneers unknown planets and sells to aliens, and released in 2001 and has a hot craze Along with the remake of Gothic and the X-Com series, the in-game play video and introduction of in-game play, such as the Jaggid Alliance series, were once considered to have pioneered the tactical turn-based strategy simulation genre. New works such as ‘Tempest Rising’, which appears to be the spiritual successor of the Anne Conquer series, were released for the first time.

■ In the dark alone

The showcase began with the introduction of ‘I alone in the dark’. Alone in the dark, which is considered to have opened a new chapter of the 90s horror game, pioneering a new genre of survival horror game. The remake title is the beginning of the series and aims to return to the origin of horror. In the ‘Nano alone in the dark’ remake must be one of Edward Kanbi and Emily Heartwood, unpacking the puzzles and fighting the monsters to dig into the reluctant secrets of The Shito mansion. ‘I alone in the dark’ supports Korean and is scheduled to be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. The detailed release date is undecided.

■ Destroy All Humans! 2: Refrobed

On the contrary, Crypto-137, who was humiliated by KGB, was attacked by KGB. ‘Destroy All Humans! 2: Refrobed’ is the title that remakes Destroyd All Humans! The player must be Crypto-137, freely traveling around the earth in 1960, collecting Earth’s DNA, upgrading the skills and destroying the city to destroy the government. ‘Destroy All Humans! 2: Refrobed’ also provides a local two-person split coop, so let’s enjoy the pleasant invasion with your friends.

■ Space For Sale

‘Space For Sale’ is a game about Bokdeokbang, a real estate developer, which pioneers unknown planets and makes and sells unknown planets for alien customers. Just as there are some kinds of cars and rooms that are used as cheaply sold in cheaply, there is a reason for cheap planets. It may be a toxic environment for people to live, or there may be creatures that threaten survival. The player is a real estate developer that should buy such a planet cheaply and develop it for people to live and make a profit for a high price.

■ Gothic remake

The Gothic series, which has been cut off, is resurrected. Gothic Remake is a game that remakes the Gothic released in 2001. The stage of the game is the coronis mining colony. The story begins with magic runaway due to some kind of events. Prisoners are released from the shackles and monsters pop out deep in the mine. The player must become an unnamed hero, survive the gaps of monsters and prisoners, while digging into the secrets of mines. Gothic remake is a title that remakes the Gothic with a full remake of the original.

■ Jaggyd Alliance 3

‘Jaggyd Alliance 3’ is the latest work of the Jazidd Alliance series, which is once considered to have pioneered the Tactical turn-based strategy simulation genre along with the XCom series. If the XCom series has made a turn-based game against SF, the Jazigd Alliance is struggling with mercenaries against modern warfare. This work also appears to be the main forces of mercenaries, and to find the president who disappeared in the virtual state Grandchen, and regain the order of the country.

■ The Valiant


‘Valiant’ is a squad RTS set against Europe and the Middle East in the 13th century. Unlike general RTS, the unit that players can manipulate in Valiant is extremely limited. The player must use tactics and strategies under these restrictions to clear the single-play campaign. If you have cleared the single play campaign, you can enjoy multiplayer with your friends. Multiplayer is likely to have a variety of fun as it consists of three ‘last survivors’ cooperative mode and a one-to-one and two PvP mode.

■ Tempest Rising

‘Tempest Rising’ is a classic RTS game reminiscent of Westwood’s masterpiece RTS Command & Conquer. The game is depicting after the nuclear war. Due to the nuclear war, everything, including resources, lacks everything. The surviving humanity is divided into three factions, and they are looking for each other’s resources and continuing to fight. The player must choose and command one of these three factions to fight to win the last hegemony in the world.

■ Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a big strategy game set in Europe. The player must choose one of the many royal houses in Europe and compete with other royals in Europe. In addition to accumulating wealth, expanding territory, and making schemes, they can proceed with trade and defeat enemies aiming for their own territory, while gathering troops to invade enemy countries. The goal is only 1. It is a European hegemony. Let’s start the journey to reign another royal family in your feet. You can also enjoy with your friends through multiplayer.

■ Outcast 2

‘Outcast 2’ is a formal sequel to the third-person Open World Action Adventure Outcast, which was popular in 1999. In Outcast 2, the player becomes a slade cutter and returns to the strange exotic land Adelpa. Here the player is born again by the power of the Almighty Yods, and once again, the journey to save the planet.

■ Recreation

If you like to make something, and if you like to destroy it again, and you like racing, you probably don’t have this game. In ‘Recreation’, players can freely decorate their own mix world. You can create and break your own racing stadium in this virtual space of 400 square kilometers. As you can invite a friend to run an extraordinary stadium, let’s make a bizarre stadium that you can’t imagine.

■ Wei of the Hunter

There are many games on the theme of hunting. But there aren’t many games that literally aimed at hunting itself. But ‘Way of the Hunter’ is different. This game does not hunt monsters in fantasy. It only hunts real animals. Of course, it is not easy to find a sense of hunting as with reality. In order to find a sense of hunting in the vast open world, there are no traces of trivial traces. Way of the Hunter, a real hunter, is about to be released on August 17.

■ AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is a game developed by YUKE’s developer of the WWE series. Both games are based on professional wrestling, but the texture is quite different. Unlike the WWE series pursuing realistic action, ‘AEW: Fight Forever’ is characterized by an arcade element. If you are looking for a professional wrestling game different from the WWE series, please try ‘AEW: Fight Forever’.

■ Stun Fest-World Tour

‘Stun Fest’ is a mix of racing, extreme sports and stunt shows. A total of 18 players must compete in various sports until the last one remains. It is said to be a sport, but it is not a general sport. It is a mix of racing and extreme sports, which is faster than anyone else, while sometimes popping out of the vehicle and becoming a human bullet and flying towards the finish line.

■ Square Pants Spongebob: Cosmic Sheikh

‘Square Pants Spongebob: Cosmic Sheikh’ deals with the tears of the mermaid that listens to the mermaid. The player becomes a spongebob, riding a portal to walk around the various areas that appeared in the animation. Currently, there are seven worlds, including the Western Dynasty, Jellyfish Garden, and Halloween Melong City, and more than 30 kinds of costumes that take advantage of the local characteristics.

Spongebob: The Cosmic Sheikh, which supports Korean, is provided with PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch platform, and the exact release date is still undecided.

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