Two Point Noblestead campus guide

The preparation of your janitors for these invasions is actually very important, since it will not only ensure the safety of the campus, but also help you complete an important task for obtaining a 1-star rating of your campus.


Health care

Another new mechanics, represented by the Knoblsteda campus, is a medical service system.

Watching your students in the Knoblsted campus, you can sometimes meet students with a green badge soaring over their heads. This green icon means that students are sick and need medical care.

If the student has been sick for too long, it begins to affect his happiness. To cure students from their diseases, you will need to hire an expert in the field of medicine.

Take care of the health of students

As mentioned earlier in this guide, if the student gets ill and is not quickly cured, this will negatively affect his happiness.

For this reason, it is extremely important to invest in a medical expert for your medical center. You must carefully monitor students, suffering from health problems, which is indicated by a green badge above their head.

Whenever you notice a sick student, make sure that he is cured as quickly as possible.

Teach your wipers

The only line of defense with which you will have to fight against the invaders will be your cleaners. So that they can destroy the invaders, they need to be trained in safety.

You will need to train quite a few wipers if you want to fulfill the task of remove 15 invaders for the rating of 1 star.

Invest in jewelry

If you think that jewelry does not serve any other purpose, except to decorate the campus, you are mistaken.

Internal and external jewelry not only do more and more pleasant, but also increase the level of happiness of employees and students. The less attractive the campus is, the greater the likelihood that students will quit their studies.

Build lost trees and branches

The ultimate goal for a 2-star ranking is to develop 10 new novels. Unfortunately, the development of novels takes a lot of time.

But in order to increase the likelihood of developing romantic relations between students, you can invest in a large number of trees and benches. This will increase the interaction between students, which will lead to more novels.

Invest in private training

One of the goals of obtaining a 3-star rating is graduates of the A-class knights school.

If your students are stuck at the level B or B+ and, it seems, do not improve, it would be very reasonable to invest in private training. This will help them go up to the A-class in their results.

Put a big duel to the very end

Grand Joust will become the largest knightly tournament in history. Your students have to face a very experienced opponent, which cannot be treated frivolously.

To defeat this enemy, your students will need a lot of time for training. Therefore, you must plan the Grand Joust tournament at the very end of the year, so that your students have a lot of extra time.

During this time, make sure that they increase their level as much as possible, and that they are happy and healthy.

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