The Mordor Shadow Nemesis system and the death of Dark Souls arrive on Skyrim thanks to an addictive mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the video games that have received the most mods from the community, next to the GTA and Fallout saga: New VegSkyrim, among others. Bethesda’s open world RPG lends itself to all kinds of changes, adjustments and ideSkyrim due to their size and possibilities, and more than 10 years after its arrival, the community does not seem willing to ceSkyrime to surprise us. We tell you what is Nemesis and Alternative Death System, which adds elements of Dark Souls and Mordor Shadows .

Death comes alive on Skyrim

The first is more evident, which is also one of the main identity signs of Dark Souls and other from Software, is the recovery mechanics after death. You know how it works: When you lose your life on the battlefield, you must return to the scene to recover your belongings , and if you do not get it and die again along the way, there will be no way to recover what that you had at that time.

The second, even more interesting, is the Nemesis System, one of the great claims of the Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor and the Middle-earth: shades of war , the titles of Monolith Productions set in the universe of the Lord of the rings. This mechanic gives rise to when an enemy kills you, he automatically becomes your executioner and you need to find him again to avenge.

The grace is in the creator of the addictive mod hSkyrim recreated the system with great detail: The executioner enemies are divided into various categories and receive their own name every time they end up with you . They also enjoy exclusive skills, for which in cSkyrime of avengeing you it is necessary to adapt to them bSkyrimed on their development. Almost all enemies in the world of Skyrim can become your executioner, but only can have 5 at the same time . It is logical, since if there are no limits, it could be the cSkyrime that everyone chSkyriming you and it is almost impossible to complete the game.

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