Four expected news arrives at WhatsApp

A few hours ago the owner of the company Meta , Mark Zuckerbeg , announced some interesting news for the most used platform of messages today, WhatsApp. These aim to keep the conversations in the most private way possible, even comparing themselves with talks that people can have in real life.

The first is one of the most requested, and allows you to leave some group of the platform without notifying all the members of the same, only to the administrator in question. The second one raises who can see the last hour of our connection on the platform, previously you could do in general, they are now specific users.

As a third function is the possibility of not allowing screenshots to messages that can only be reproduced only once, thus being the common route of storage for this provisional content. Last but not least, users will have more time to erase messages that they did not want to send to their contacts, an expanded margin for two days.

Regarding this last function, it is worth mentioning that the message must be deleted before the contact reads it, otherwise there will be no way for it to read by accident. Without a doubt, it will be the most requested by users. These four additions will be periodically arriving at the service to later have the update worldwide.

Vía: Facebook

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