We collect all Evos ads in the fighting games: Multiversus, Street Fighter 6 and more

_Crédito de la Image: Capcom (juri) _

Almost All fighting games announced cotton the Evo , the competition par excellence of this type of most important proposals of the eSports. Some were very interesting ads; Others simply small details. Here is a brief summary of the various ads that have caught our attention the most.



Nothing too crazy on that side. Arcade and classification modes will be added when the game is launched in August (although you can play the open beta), along with the season pass 1. Finally , only the arcade mode is new (without Being a real surprise), but given recent ads about the game, it makes sense that developers have much more to announce at this time. Although there are probable there are large ads in the coming months (weeks?).

Dragon Ball Fighterz, Person 4 Arena Ultimax and Samurai Shodown 2019

The Reversion of the Netcode has been announced, which will improve online experience. DBFZ will also move to PS5 and Xbox Series .

Rumble Fish 2

The game will land for first time in domestic consoles and PC .

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Black Dahlia has revealed more (although you could already play it in the beta version available on PC for seasonal pass holders). The real announcement was the identity of the last character of this season , which will finally allow us to play Skullgirl: Marie . You probably cannot be played for a few months, but at least the mystery has been revealed.

GranBlue Fantasy versus

A online circuit has been announced, but there is still no reversal of the network code.

Melty Blood Type Lumina

The ads have been consistent for the Type Moon game. An original and free original fighter has been revealed **.

In addition of Neko-ARC (revealed a few days ago), another warrior will join the game this summer. A great balance patch has also been confirmed, which should change many mechanics of the game, including some things that players complain. All additions (patch and new characters) will be free . Two other protagonists, also free, will arrive this winter.

King of Fighters XV

The trailer of the Orochi awake team , as well as its launch date . The Final Team for the Season Pass 1 has been revealed and will exclusively feature Samurai Shodown: Darli, Nakoruru and Haomaru . License fans will be happy to know that Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan will also reach the game, for season 2, which has also been announced. CrossPlay will arrive at the game.

A new license gameGarou Mark of the Wolves * has been presented.

Tekken 7

Bandai Namco has announced a great balance patch , which will arrive on August 17 . The headquarters of the Tekken World Tour : Amsterdam finals have also been revealed. Finally, in the end it showed an image of an unprecedented version of Kazuya Mishima **. This probably means that a project is being worked on, but nothing can be shown at this time.

The first idea that comes to mind is of course Tekken 8, but it could be a remake of the first tekken of the name, or even a new Tekken Tag (although much less likely and not very consistent with the way of showing the image). We will have to wait for more information on this topic.

Street Fighter 6

An advertisement on Street V has been made, although it is not directly related to the game, but to the official competitive circuit. The Street Fighter League will also be established in Europe , finally giving us the right to our own Street Equipment Circuit Fighter v. None of the participating teams have not yet been revealed, but it is Very likely Luffy and Mister Crimson participate.

Two names of American commentators who appear in the Street 6: James Chen and Tasty Steve have been revealed **.

They were two fighters : Kimberley , an original character, whom we had already seen in the first trailer. The game mode seems to be oriented to the aerial field, since many of the planes shown begin in the air. She also has a special teleport / career where she disappears in the cloud of paint to reappear elsewhere. Juri will return to the base cast of Street 6, and has received several Street IV blows, including the diverty kick from it. Two super news were shown. The Feng Shui Engine has also been put ahead, without ensuring that it will be more than a cosmetic feature.

Evo Japan

Evo Japan was announced from March 31 to April 2, 2023 . It will be the First Japanese Major from the Pandemia . There will be four games : Guilty Gear Stive, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XV. Others will be revealed later.

Guilty Gear Stive

History to take everyone with the left foot, Arc System Works decided to show a animated music video .
After this little love (and a little colorful), they finally announced the season 2 with the first fighter: Bridget .
She returns (yes, she is a man often confused with a woman) with her yoyo of her and her mechanical teddy bear: Roger .
There will be 4 new characters for season 2. Bridget is available today , and the next Daredevil will arrive before the end of the year .
The last two will land in 2023 .

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