Com2us Group, Un -Oppens Night reveals the future prospects for web 3 games

[web Park Ye-jin reporter] Com2uS Group participated in Unopond Night, which was hosted by Un-Oppens, and expressed its views on the future prospects for web 3 games.

Un-O-OND is playing a role in discovering and growing web 3 startups such as blockchain games, entertainment and arts.

In the ‘Un-open Night’ held at the Hashid Lounge on the evening of the 5th, major companies participating in web 3 businesses shared the relevant prospects in industries such as games, entertainment, blockchain, and finance.

On this day, Jang Jong-cheol, general manager of Com2us Holdings, participated in the ‘Web 3 and Future Outlook’ discussions in the game market ‘discussion, and’ token economy system and NFT introduction on the game market ‘and’ change of game user community due to web 3 ‘ It was presented.

Web 3, a user-driven environment, is not a fashion but a big paradigm change, and it is noted from the P2O (Play to Own) ” point, meaning that it handles ownership of the outcome of the game. In particular, the C2X platform explained that the participatory content publishing structure called ‘Beta Game Launcher’ has enhanced the possibility of building community-based governance and expanding web 3 ecosystems. The panels of the session were leading related company officials, including Nexon and The Sandbox Korea.

Meanwhile, Com2us Group will release the performance of the web 3 game ecosystem and blockchain mainnet brand, which has been promoted through Korea’s largest blockchain event, Korea Blockchain Week 2022.

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