Yasumi Matsuno created a mustache Sakaguchi spinal cord sword at Tactics Ogagi Revorn. The creator of the FF series turns into a sword as a showing flicker before the release.

The Tactical RPG Tactics Ogurborn , which will be released by Square Enix on November 11 (STEAM version is November 12), seems to be implemented as the magic of the fans familiar with the fans. Yasumi Matsuno, who served as a producer of the SFC version of Tactics Oga in the quest era and was involved in the development of this work, posted on his own Twitter, saying, Make a Tanaka spinal cord for snapragon. After that, he posted a screenshot with a character called Beard Sakaguchi spinal cord sword and enjoyed interacting with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the FF series.

What is mustache Sakaguchi spinal cord sword? The former story is Tanaka spinal cord sword that appeared in Episode 98 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga Chen Soman. In the work, Asa Mitaka, who signed a contract with the devil of the war, pulled out the head of his homeroom teacher Tanaka, and generated the Tanaka spinal cord, which made the spine as a sword. This scene was launched at the beginning of the Shueisha manga app and the site Shonen Jump + from the unique sound effect of Bobobobobobobobo when pulling out the spine and the fresh depiction of the splatter movie.

Tactics Oga has a dragon language magic called Snap Dragon. The surgeon using this magic turns into a sword and drops it as equipment. The higher the status of the surgeon, the more powerful weapons, the more powerful magic that can only be obtained in a cumulative dungeon, Palace of the Dead.

The difference between physically pulling out the spine or changing into a sword with magic is common in Tanaka spinal cord and snap dragon in terms of changing humans into a sword. Matsuno, who is also a Chen Soman fan, probably tried to reproduce the Tanaka spinal cord in Tactics Ouga his reborn. However, it was Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the FF series, but the creator of the FF series. Mr. Sakaguchi, who was pulled out by pulling out the spine, returned a laugh on Twitter.

Matsuno and Sakaguchi are playing together with MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV together, and frequently interacts on Twitter. However, from the end of last year, Tactics Ogurborn
Matsuno was very busy with the final adjustment / debugging, and he did not have much opportunity to play. The name of the character that Matsuno has a beard Sakaguchi spinal cord sword is Jara in the silver bowl. He is a character modeled by FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida, who loves silver accessories. It may be Matsuno’s approach to play with Mr. Sakaguchi again at the time of the paragraph.

According to Matsuno’s Twitter, the Element element abolished in the PSP version remake The Ring of Fate will be revived. There seems to be a system that returns to the SFC version Tactics Oga based on the Fate of Fate, as the unit growth system has also been changed. I hope that the remake version will be more sophisticated, and it will be an easy-to-play but bold tactical RPG. Tactics Ogre Born will be released on November 11 (STEAM version) for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam).

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