Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo: the console variations lastly dated, its for the begin of the college year

A copy of the game.
The official artbook The Art of: Alfred Hitchcock-Vertigo as well as its electronic version.
The soundtrack, made up by Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz (Blacksad, The Other Day Origins), in electronic style.

Launched on PC on December 16, 2021, Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo had actually not completely persuaded the enthusiasts of journey video games at the Factor & Click heritage, in spite of the Pandulo Studio Pedrigree, the developers. Rhythm problem, gameplay that lacked depth and the presence of major pests ruined the experience a little. It is since Microids can ultimately supply the launch day of the gaming consoles versions if Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo is talking about him today. It will be essential to wait till September 27 to find the memory loss experiences of Ed Miller, this tortured author that can no longer dissociate the false from the real one, on PS4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch, knowing that the video game will certainly be suitable PS5 and Xbox Series. Microids has actually also prepared to market physical versions, already offered in pre-order.


Limited edition .

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