The 14-core Intel Core i5-13600k has been tested. 40% faster than i5

The engineering model of the 14-core (6p+8e) Intel Core i5-13600K processor was tested in CPU-Z and Cinebench. Enthusiast Citizen shared the tests with us with the results, and also said that this engineer was manually dispersed to frequencies, at which the i5-13600K should work for retail, namely: 5.1 GHz per core, 4.9 GHz for all large nuclei and 3.9 GHz on small. At the same time, the processor worked with a voltage of 1.31 volts and consumed up to 173 watts under load.

The results in the CPU-Z show that this stone is 10% faster in single-flow and 40% faster in multi-thread relative to the i5-12600K. As part of the tests, the processor warmed up up to 78 degrees, but it is not known what it was cooled.

In the Cinebench R23, the processor scored 1387 and 24420 points for a single-circuit and multi-heater test, respectively.

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