Announced Gratney (tentative name) match against multiplayer slapsticks. Games made with users by Square Game Development Community

Square Enix announced Gratney (tentative name) on July 15. The work will be developed with users at the LIW Game Development Conference, a newly launched community by Square Enix’s Live Interactive Works (LIW). At the beginning of the development, participants are recruiting for game commenters first.

The LIW Game Development Conference is a new launch by Square Enix’s LIW, aiming for a more attractive game experience by having users to participate from the development stage continuously. It will be the first game development community in Square Enix. Specifically, users participate in the development of the game through games test play, feedback on opinions, and discussions with development members. It seems that such a community can experience a part of real game development, such as reflecting opinions in the game and experiencing the process of improving the game.

The first title of the LIW Game Development Conference is Gratney (tentative name) which was announced. Gratney (tentative name) is a panic movie-style online multiplayer game that develops the battle between monsters and humans. Monsters who prey on humans with overwhelming power are cute, and humans trying to rebel against monsters in cooperation. The goal is to have a slapstick party game that can be enjoyed by viewers as well as players.


As a participant in the game development in Gratney (tentative name), games are being recruited because the game is first utilized as communication tools. The application condition is that you are interested in the process to make the game more interesting, and the number of registered YouTube or Twitch channels is more than 3,000. If you would like to participate in the LIW Game Development Conference, follow the official Twitter and send a DM to confirm the distribution status and then contact us. In the press release, videos of adults, Gin, Nakado, and Yokou-san are introduced as a video introduced by the participants.

At the LIW Game Development Conference, recruitment will be held to expand the participants in accordance with the stage of the game development. It seems that there are also benefits only for participants.

Gratney (tentative name) is being developed as the first work of a community LIW game development meeting that develops games with users. LIW’s official Twitter is recruiting for more than 3,000 channel registrants.


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