Moba Fault: Elder Orb, heiress Paragon, will become free

Fault: Elder Orb, third-person Moba with class-oriented heroes and creating equipment from Strange Matter Studios, will enter early access to Epic Games Store. Since July 18, for both game services, Fault: Elder Orb will become free and open its doors for new players.

Epic Games Store users will receive an Epic Astro Gideon skin for free. The developers promise to add new cards and new functions to the game, designed to provide positive game experience. They promised to tell about all the changes in Strange Matter Studios during a direct broadcast, which will be held on July 17 at 22:00 Moscow time on the official YouTube channel.


Fault: Elder Orb can remind many Paragon players from Epic Games, which is not surprising, since Strange Matter Studios use its achievements. After Epic closed Paragon in 2018 and returned the money to the players, the company provided the developers using Unreal Engine 4 Content of the failed game.

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