Your home of the Dead 1 and 2 formally going back to consoles

The initialMaison of Deathdid not see much of an outing at house after its game race. He got a conversion on the Sega Saturn at the end of his life cycle, in addition to a computer variation. It was not as focused asMaison of the dead 2 , which saw a solid trip on the Dreamcast prior to being editioned on the Nintendo Wii withMaison of the dead 2 & 3 return .

A couple of days ago, rumors began to circulate according to which Forever Entertainment, the author that presently manages thepanzer DragoonRemake for Nintendo Change, maybe acquiring the classic of SegaMaison of DeathGames. A Polish site reported that the first 2 game games were being retouched for a new generation. At the time, the report was not main, yet today,C is _.

Hello men! We validate the signing of the agreement concerning the video game remakes The Home of the Dead and Your house of the Dead 2, he noted. No system or launch date n ‘has actually been verified as well as, regrettably, we can not state anything even more for the moment. Please keep your fingers went across for us as well as follow our main canals.


Forever Entertainment announced the Twitter that it in fact aims to bring the two timeless shooters.

We will certainly bring you all the details on the versions as quickly as they are offered. In the meanwhile, we can no much longer wait to suffer like G!

It wonders that the developer does not announce platforms-in certain the Nintendo Switch, which goes to the facility of the problems ofDragonfor the moment-it is an interesting news for followers of the series.

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