Best Devastor Assembly at Outriders WorldSlayer

When people think about Outriders devastator, they usually think about the assembly of an indestructible medium tree tank. But, according to our experience, despite the fact that this assembly is viable, it is a little boring and requires one note. While the other three classes offer a little more diversity, Devastator can still branch into other options that allow it to play as a hyperagressive magician of the Earth. This assembly is designed to exchange strikes and create absolute chaos.

The skills of the devastator

Two of the three skills ( Earthquake and also pierce ) are the essence of this assembly. This is due to the fact that they can be used several times, they have a relatively short recovery time and there are other advantages, such as interruption of opponents and causing bleeding. Impale relates relatively quickly with weaker enemies, while Earthquake works in tandem to prevent bosses from using too many abilities.

Earthquake *-release a shock wave to cause damage and interrupt all enemies in front of you.
Pierce -Select the goal to interrupt its skills, cause bleeding and cause damage. If the damage is fatal, the enemy will be pierced, which will give a powerful bonus to regenerate armor and health to all allies.
Tremor -Create a series of explosions around you, each of which inflicts damage and exhausts the health of enemies in the middle radius around you.

modifications and equipment of the devastator

With the farm of a certain set, such as seismic commander armor is perfect, for this, the build is not critical. Instead, we want to focus on mods that passively improve pierce as well as earthquake . In addition, any submitted equipment of the apocalypse is best combined with a mod that improves bleeding . It also applies to any weapon used. It must be modified to cause bleeding in enemies.

Speaking of weapons-since this build receives increased armor from approaching enemies, we like automatic shotgun, such as death shield . It not only passively increases the armor, being next to enemies, but also has fortress mod that increases armor and resistance by 5% with each shot, is summarized up to three times. This small armor and resistance are the key to survival at higher levels of complexity.

Glasses of the exhaust class

For this assembly, we are specially seismic shifter wood. This will improve the basic skills that we use, and also maximizes the potential of bleeding.

Eleperator Pax Points

Tectonic shift allows us to double our seismic skills, forcing them to also cause bleeding. In addition, 30% of the damage applied by a seismic skill is preserved and added to your next seismic skill. Although it is discarded every time preserved damage is released, our ability to quickly use seismic skills guarantees that we pump out damage.

Elepensor Ascension Points

Although we like how aggressive this assembly can be, we recommend investing the first 20 Ascension points in Health and Armor Bonuses for a pleasant increase by 10%. From there, start work on Anomal power as well as leech of skills options.

To find out more about Outriders, read the section Best Technomanser Assembly in Outriders WorldSlayer in the game manuals for professionals.

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