Wow Sirus – Russian Frishka who was able

We continue to engage in import substitution in the MMORPG genre against the background of the current situation. Like it or not, in the most unenviable position were players of the legendary World of Warcraft. Moreover, there is no dispute, everyone suffers from the actions of Blizzard, but most of all it was our latitudes, from where, I remind you, even now the subscription will not be able to pay.

Yes, so for decades you regularly bring money to the developers, and at one point they calmly point out the door to you. Like, the way out is there, and you are no longer happy here.

But, the most funny thing is that the way out, or rather, even there are exits. We have already talked about some in our past videos. Today we’ll talk about the notorious fan unique custom project called Wow Sirus-a Russian Frishka, which was able to make even better than that of Blizzard.

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