NFT -compatible next -generation game consoles POLIUM ONE announced. However, it is quite suspicious by the user

Game company Polium announced on July 3 the home game console Polium One. It is said that there is a high affinity with blockchain technology and NFT. This game console, which was announced with noise, has many opaque parts, and it seems that questions and tsukkomi are being sent, mainly for overseas users.

POLIUM ONE is a console that claims to be the world’s first multi-chain compatible game machine. According to the developer Polium, it is also introduced as a next-generation console for Web3 gaming. Specific functions include 4K HDR compatible, fingerprint authentication function, late racing support, and video output up to 120 fps. Equipped with leader boards and friend functions, there are games and apps, as well as downloading metavers. The biggest feature of this console is the affinity of blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrencies and NFT.

First, Polium One supports multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Solana. In other words, it is compatible with multi-chain. It also has a wallet function for such platforms, supporting various virtual currency transactions. In addition, it is possible to trade NFT and in-game items through the aircraft. The controller of the aircraft has a fingerprint sensor and a wallet button, which seems to be able to trade quickly during game play. It is a game console that supports blockchain use technologies such as NFT and virtual currency.


On the other hand, the appeal of Polium One seems to be not transmitted in the above-mentioned explanation by the developer. Polium’s official Twitter account has pointed out concerns and tsukkomi.

First of all, if a new game console comes out, what is worrisome is the compatible title. However, POLIUM ONE seems to be undecided at the moment. A Twitter user questioned what kind of game can be played, but Polium only lists the corresponding blockchain platform. When asked further, he answered, We are currently negotiating with the developer, and will be announced on the official Discord server as soon as it is decided. In other words, the game that can be played on this unit has not been decided so far.

Another Twitter user pointed out that Polium One’s official website asset would be unauthorized plagiarism of unrelated games. In addition, it has been questioned that the 8K HDR compatible that the site initially raised is a strict specifications for small manufacturers. Both points have now been revised from the official website, and the 8K HDR seems to have been changed to 4K HDR. Although it is a quick response, I am worried that the specifications of the game console will change immediately.

It has also been pointed out that the Polium logo is very similar to Nintendo’s Game Cube. Speaking of the Game Cube logo, it features a design in which the alphabet G and C are finished in a cube (cube). On the other hand, Polium’s corporate logo is also a cube. It is quite similar if it is similar. Polium excuse, Although it is similar, our logo expresses blockchain with a cube and Polium P.

Also, Polium later posted a series of declaration tweets. He emphasized the logo, I did not copy the Nintendo Game Cube logo, and argued that multiple companies use similar logo. On the other hand, I will create an original new logo. Wasn’t the current logo original? Regarding concerns about the game lineup, he commented, You can play games including Polium One Limited. He said he was negotiating with multiple Web 3 games developers.

The words WEB 3 games are not used to their ears. Web 3 (Web 3.0) is a distributed Internet model that uses blockchain technology. In other words, web 3 games are thought to refer to games that include blockchain technology such as NFT. On the other hand, many users are distrustful of such works. The reason is that there are concerns such as speculation of NFT and the use of fraud.

For example, there are cases where NFT sales projects by game companies have been canceled due to user rebound, and Steam, which is a game distribution platform, stipulates that NFT and blockchain-based games are prohibited (related article 1)., Related article 2). The image of NFT/blockchain technology usage games is not good. If Polium One supports the WEB 3 game, it is uneasy to be gamed or gain the popularity of gamers.

Polium commented on optimistic comments, Although there are many pros and cons, web 3 gaming is the future. In addition, before the reservation starts and fund procurement, the prototype to work will be completed. Can Polium One be able to achieve the vision that Polium One overcomes various concerns?

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