Valov and Lost launches new mercenaries Volcano

Valov (CEO Jae-myung Shin) unveiled a new rare mercenary, Volcano, to PC online action game Lost Saga on the 30th.

‘Volcano’ is a rare mercenary that differentiates magma and beats a certain distance.

A volcanic eruption that causes an earthquake and differentiates magma ▲ ‘Magma Bomb’ that converts fists into magma ▲ ‘Magnification’ that ejects magma ▲ ‘Magma meteor’ which is dropped after shooting magma meteor in the air It features a brilliant and powerful skill.

Beloff will also hold Rosa Marvel Event in 2022.


By July 13th, Rosa Marvel Dice will be paid through the event mission in the game. Rosa Marvel Dice can obtain a variety of items such as ‘Rare Jang Non-Supply’ and Lost Coin on the event page.

In addition, if you complete various missions in various games, you can get ‘event dice’. There is also a dice event that can be done.

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