Umamusme, the first day of launch Apples popularity & sales

Umamus Pretty Derby, developed by Kakao Games and developed by Sai Games, won the Apple App Store’s popularity and sales rankings on the first day of its launch. ‘Umamusume’ is a development simulation game that fosters characters that have inherited the name and soul of the real race horse and competes to achieve the dreams of each character by winning the race.


Kakao Games started its domestic service at 11 am on the 20th. Umamus Me immediately ranked first in the Apple App Store. Popularity is based on the number of downloads. Umamus Me was named after 7:00 pm in the Apple App Store sales. Since then, ‘Umamusume’ has been identified as the No. 1 sales around 11 pm.

The Apple App Store market in Korea is third in the transaction volume. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple is 32%of domestic smartphone share.

The performance of ‘Umamus Me’ has not been confirmed yet in Google Play, the main mobile game market. If you look at the last mobile game launch, Google Play usually results in performance two to three days later. This is based on the difference in the ranking aggregation between Google and Apple.

‘Umamusume’ surpassed 14 million downloads as of April this year, about a year after its launch in Japan last February. ‘Umamusume’ recruited 1 million people from the domestic pre-booking on April 26. Currently, Kakao Games is holding a variety of events commemorating the official launch of Umamusme.

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