Dark Souls will receive a novel from the writer of Celebrity Wars X.

Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication is the name of the new book of the effective author Michael A. Stackpole , recognized by the Battletech functions, Warrior’s trilogy or those located in the universe of Celebrity Wars * * And published in the late nineties, such as the Saga X-Wing and also the New Order Jedi **.

In a below ground tomb, A man that needs to have been dead awakens at night, progressively recuperating his detects, he tells the run-through of the work shared by Yen Press, he has forgotten his past and also does not remember also the name of the. Stackpole presents us to an amnesic sorcerer whom we will called Ferrannos .

The Dark Souls universe has expanded to form a huge community of fans that desires for new journeys. We have had an entire series of comics of the dark globes of Hidetaka Miyazaki and also substantial statues of expensive prices, but on this celebration, we can lose ourselves on the web pages of a new unique ** of the saga.

The novel promises to broaden the myths and legends of the video game franchise business . It will certainly get here on the market on October 25 , although at the moment only its version in English ** and also Japanese has been validated.

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