Umamusume large MMORPG Fighting… Subculture emotional localization challenge [IT magnifier]

[Diablo Immortal Park Ye-jin reporter] ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby’ (hereinafter referred to as Umamusume) was officially released in Korea at 11 am on the 20th. Following ‘Diablo Immortal’, this week’s large-scale role-playing game (MMORPG) is about to be released, and Umamusme’s performance is noted as a ‘subculture’ sports development game.

Umamusme is a fostering simulation game that was released in Japan in February last year, and it contains the fun of fostering the characters that inherited the name and souls of the real race horse and competing on the race. The number of pre-bookers surpassed 1 million prior reservations from April 26 and received high attention among domestic users.

According to ‘Sensor Tower’, a global mobile app analysis company, Umamus Me achieved third place in the mobile game sales in April last year, and has passed 14 million downloads about one year after the start of Japan’s service. It has been the top of the world trend of Twitter. Many global app analysis companies predicted that Umamusmega would generate more than 1 trillion won in sales last year.

The industry analyzed that this achievement was possible because the system and gameability of Umamusmes were effective to subculture fans. It is said that it reproduces the emotions that can be felt in authentic sports genres with meticulous testimony.

Gorgeous 3D graphics are also strengths. In addition to the characters that seem to be watching the actual animation, the race also showed a creation of a sporting sporting game.

Kakao Games, who was in charge of publishing in Korea, has also increased its attention by focusing on marketing more than usual through Seoul subway history, bus shelter, taxi, and outdoor advertisements.

◆ ‘Strong in subculture’ Kakao Games, the original popularity of the original popularity with a sophisticated localization?

Umamusme has already proved more than subcultures in Japan, and Kakao Games’ localization capacity is also well received.

In particular, the localization translation is noticeable as the expression that can be easily accepted by domestic users while making the most of the original feel. For example, in the case of the ‘cherry blossom award’, which is one of the laces, it is written as ‘anchor’ in the case of literal translation, but the meaning of ‘cherry blossom’, which is a common word in Korea. On the other hand, words such as Satsuki Sang (Konwol), which means May of the lunar calendar, made Japanese as it was.

Umamus Me’s localization can be found in text as well as the completeness of the translation. The company said that in the case of text fonts, font effects and images have been maximized so that they do not feel Korean heterogeneity.

In particular, Kakao Games has established a number of subculture games and built a ‘subculture game publisher’ image.

Kakao Games is a 2018 mobile rhythm game ‘Bang Dream! Girls Band Party (hereinafter referred to as Bang Dream) ‘domestic service is in charge of domestic service and is not a general text translation, but a Korean font that makes use of Japanese strokes. After March 2019, Games’ Princess Connect! RE: DIVE (Lee: Dive) also reproduced the translation of the users’ characteristics and the localization of the banner shown in ‘Bang Dream’.

◆ Large MMORPG Rush this summer… ‘Original subculture’ game

While Kakao Games has played as a popular subculture game, a large MMORPG will be released this summer and the clash is expected. Following ‘Diablo Immortal’, which was released on the 3rd, Wemade’s ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond’ and Tencent’s ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ are expected to be released this week.

In particular, Diablo Immortal is currently ranked 6th and 2nd, and both games are expected to be stable in both games. This is because it is based on a large IP that has already gained great popularity in Korea, and is about to launch the mobile version of MMORPG, the most popular genre.

This large IP-based mobile MMORPG comes in July. In particular, Netmarble is expecting IP expansion at ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which will be released on the 28th of next month, and Com2us will show the first MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ of Summers War IP next month.

Umamusme, who occupied the Japanese game market with its original game, is interested in whether it can continue its success in the domestic game market.

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