Is that The Elder Scrolls 6? Skyrim

The new Starfield trailer not just caused big eyes at SCI-Fi fans, some Skyrim gamers were likewise surprised-because they assume that they discovered component of The Elder Scrolls 6 in the video.

scene from Starfield trailer reminds fans of TES 6

After several years of waiting, Bethesda fans recently got to see initial gameplay scenes from Starfield **. In addition, some added information concerning the SCI-Fi-RPG was introduced, such as the season of the primary story.

But not only followers of the upcoming Bethesda globe area hits were impressed at the video clip shown-Skyrim gamers likewise familiarized how an existing Reddit string revealed. In Starfield’s gameplay trailer there are, to name a few points, different panoramas of various worlds- and one of them seems to be highly similar to the intro landscape of the intro for The Elder Scrolls 6 , the Bethesda on the E3 2018 showed.

For contrast below the landscape that was shown in the intro trailer of the E3 2018:

Will Bethesda Easter Eggs hide to TES 6 in Starfield?

Yes, you can have produced the TES: VI reveal case surface with Starfield-Assets..

1,000 worlds.- Coast_watcher.

But not every follower sees a preferred link from Bethesda between the two games. Reddit user Lidskemasicko also has a plausible explanation for the simple resemblance of both scenes:.

I indicate, you recognize that there will certainly be numerous Easter Eggs on the subject of terrain in this video game. 100 % you hid Tamriel on one of the worlds. -zoomie86 _.

The blog post now has almost 1,800 upvotes **- and additionally in the remarks under the thread it is hot. The followers carefully speculate whether Bethesda will hide some allusions to the Skyrim successor in the SCI-Fi-RPG.

1,000 planets. If 2 of them are not Masser as well as Secunda, I get mad, Lol. – Coast_watcher.

I am currently expecting an Easter Egg world that appears like Tamriel.- Ionutro.


I imply, you understand that there will be several Easter Eggs on the topic of surface in this game.-zoomie86 _.

_ HIR wish to take a picture on your own? It is best to take an appearance at the main Starfield gameplay trailer: _.

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