Umamusme, which is coming to the launch, and expectations for success

Kakao Games is interested among gamers as it is ahead of the launch of ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’. The related genre game service is that Kakao Games is unique.

Umamusme is a development simulation game that aims to foster characters with the motif of real race horses and win the race. Meanwhile, after its launch in Japan in February last year, the industry estimates that sales of more than 1 trillion won last year.

Umamusme, which has been reserving domestic pre-booking since April 26, has proved interest by gathering 1 million pre-bookers in 10 days.

In particular, domestic services are in charge of Kakao Games, raising expectations for localization and operation. Kakao Games has been well-received by gamers who are rumored to be demanding as a difficult domestic publishing game in domestic publishing games. To gather. Umamusme is also known to have been working closely with Saigames for completion.

Kakao Games plans to build a solid lineup by creating a hit following Umamusme MMORPG ‘Odin: Valar Rising’. Umamusme, which was first released at the 2021 G-Star Opening held in Busan last year, is informed of the game through large-scale marketing such as subway and TV commercials. In addition, the company is also increasing contact with users, such as relevant information through the contents of KakaoTalk channel series.

An official in the game industry said, Umamusme’s original concept and immersive story are not cool in the Japanese market, which has been released for more than a year. It’s.

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