Just how to eliminate black bars in Ultrawide on Fatality Stranding Computer

Pending an official Kojima Productions update, we can fix the issue right away with a fairly reduced effort.

If you are playingDamage of deathon computer, you might have seen that there is a little trouble with the ultrawid resolutions which has actually not yet been corrected by means of a main repair.

Generally, when you play in 21: 9 layout or any other resolution supported by ultrawide, you obtain small black bars to the right and also to the left of the screen which can be a little bothersome throughout your experience on the planet Open sorry as well as huge for the most up to date hideo video game from Kojima.

It is not a huge trouble and you need to get used to it eventually however, because the ultrawid assistance has been declared as one of the most significant components of the computer variation, it would certainly be terrific to see it function As he is expected to do.


Modification of black bars of Fatality Stranding 21: 9 and also Ultrawide resolutions

As soon as the installment is finished, you can open the program, click file and open DS.EXE. From there, press CTRL + R as well as accessibility hexadecimal values.

First, download and install HXD. This is the only software application requirement essential to solve the trouble of black bars, while the rest is simple as well as extremely fast.

Click All search direction and also compose 55 55 15 40 in search, after that change with the hexadecimal value of the height/ size proportion of your resolution. The most typical resolution worths are as follows:

The_ failing of fatalityThe PC port is a great port which allows you to acquire in such a way the final version of the game, with unlocked photo regularities which really make the distinction.

In general, it is extremely respectful and some little changes like this can use an even much better resolution many thanks to an easily attainable modification in the settings.

After that, click change everything, inspect and save if the repair has actually worked properly. You can playfailure of fatalitywith the ultrawid assistance because it was supposed to run from the begin if this is the situation.

  • 2560 × 1080 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 3440 × 1440 = 8th E3 18 40
  • 3840 × 1080 = 39 8E 63 40
  • 3840 × 1440 = Ab aa 2a 40
  • 3840 × 1600 = 9a 99 19 40
  • 3840 × 1620 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 5120 × 1440 = 39 8th 63 40
  • 5120 × 2160 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 6880 × 2880 = 8th E3 18 40

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