What is ANGER FOOT – release date, platform and much more

Among the strange things announced by Devolver Digital during the Summer Game Fest, there was Anger Foot. A frantic shooter with knocking out doors, the cartoon artistic style of Anger Foot contrasts with ultra-power and heavy bass soundtrack.

everything we know about Anger Foot

Developed by Free Lives, the creators of Broforce, Gorn and Genital Jousting, Anger Foot allows you to kick, shoot and twice kick through the waves of enemies in a frenzy leg. With a powerful soundtrack with hard bass and filled to the edges of cartoon violence, this is a unique game.

What kind of game ANGER FOOT?

Anger Foot is a first-person shooter in which you can spend more time using your legs than weapons. Each part of the scene begins with knocking out the door in a dramatic and cheerful style, and then kicks and shoots enemies in tracksuits inside.

What is the release date of Anger Foot?

Anger Foot is currently scheduled for the release of Devolver Digital in 2023, but the exact date is still unknown.

What platforms will Anger Foot?

Anger Foot will be released on a PC on the Steam platform. Now you can add Anger Foot to the list of desires to cook and receive notifications about any updates.


Demonstration of the legs of anger

Demo Anger Foot was released on June 9 simultaneously with the announcement. You can play demo by loading it for steam.

trailer Angry leg

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