How to travel quickly to Diablo Immortal

When starting Diablo Immortal, players are provided with a huge world for research and many classes to choose from. Starting the game may not be easy because of its size, especially for mobile players. Fortunately, the developers took into account the large size of the game, giving players many opportunities for passing and research.

All possible methods of quick movement in Diablo Immortal


A walk on the Diablo Immortal map can quickly tire. There are several ways in which players can move on a giant Diablo Immortal card is easier than walking from place to place. Auto Rogy and also Quick journey are the main ways that players will travel around the world, and both options are very convenient in different situations.

Quick Journey in Diablo Immortal

Fast movement is the easiest way to move in Diablo Immortal. Players can teleport to track points on the entire map. To unlock the possibility of teleportation, players need to advance a little on the plot of the game. As soon as the option is unlocked, players can start a quick journey to travel points that they have already visited earlier.

This mechanics pays more attention to the study in the game, since the players need to find the way point of the region before they can quickly move there. This means that players should check each nook sheet when studying Diablo Immortal.

Auto Navigation in Diablo Immortal

If you click the map in the upper right corner of the game screen, the local map of the area in which the players are located will open. By clicking once again at the point on the map to which the players want to go, they can automatically move to their character. this place.

This is a useful function when players still open the areas, but problems may arise. Auto-navigation is not perfect, and players will still have to jump to control elements when enemies are nearby, which happens often.

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