This is what happens in the first advance of The Mandalorian 3

During Star Wars Celebrations 2022 it was revealed that the third season of The Mandalorian will arrive at Disney+ next year. Although many thought this would be the only piece of information related to this series, behind closed doors the first progress of Din Djarin and Grogu was shown.

According to those attending this special presentation, the theme of the third season will be redemption. As you will remember, DIN has removed the helmet on multiple occasions, which has exiled it from his Mandalorians group. Thus, the first advance begins with a visit to Armorr, played by Emily Swallow, who mentions: “You are no longer Mandaloriano. Redemption is no longer possible. ”

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Following this, DIN and GROGU visit Greef Karga, even in charge of Carl Weathers , who looks exuberant clothing, which would indicate that his social range has increased since we last saw it. Then, our protagonists are observed to travel in his little ship, as well as Captain Carson Teva, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, a Rebel X-Wing pilot, and a Rodiano meeting with Pelli Moto, in charge of Amy Sedaris.

This is where the advance becomes interesting. You can see different galactic scientists. Karga is about to start a duel with an unknown person. You can also see DIN and Grogu floating in what seems to be the mandalore mines, followed by several shots to other Mandalorians. Then, You can see Bo-Katan, by Katee Sackhoff, on a throne, who is not so happy to see Din.

Our protagonist tells Bo-Katan: “I’m going to Mandalore so that he can be forgiven by my transgressions” . The advance culminates with Bo-Katan in an action scene, where he tells Grogu: “Did you think your father was the only Mandalorian?”

Although at the moment there are still many details that are unknown to the third season of the mandalorian, the only clear thing is that The series will be available in Disney+ at some point in February 2023 . In related issues, here you can see the first advance of the andor series. Similarly, Jude Law will star in a new Star Wars series.

Editor’s note:

It is seen that the third season of the mandalorian will be one of the most exciting so far. The conflict between DIN and Bo-Kata, as well as the rest of Mandalore is something that fans have been waiting for years. It will be interesting to see if the release of this planet takes place in these chapters, or we will have to wait even more to have a conclusion to this conflict.

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