Destiny 2 Bobschlehead locations-every Calus

With every new season in Destiny 2 we get a brand new collector’s item that can be found in the research that can be researched. And with Season of the Haunted there are a number of Destiny 2-Boblead locations that are scattered over the Leviathan.

The large cabal figure, which has been arched for some time, is at least back in miniature form, and you can find a handful of you in his large ship every week. These wobbly heads are only the latest in a number of collector’s pieces that were available from Destiny 2 throughout the season. If you find them all, you will probably complete a challenge and XP alongside a triumph.

But where can you find the Destiny 2 Bobschlehead locations ? Well, this guideline is updated every week and shows you the latest locations for the Bobbleheads Calus.

Destiny 2 Boblehead locations

There are currently 4 Destiny 2 Bobschead locations in Destiny 2 **. They can all be found on the Leviathan. The exact locations can be found below:

Castellum bobblead location *
Pleasure Gardens Bobblead location
Royal Pools Bobblehead location
* Sever-Bobschlehead location of the Shame mission

Castellum Boblehead location

To get the Castellum Bobschead location in Destiny 2, you must complete the Tier 3 Nightmare Containment. During the transition between the phases, glowing captains appear.

Kill the between the individual phases. As soon as the last boss of the event is complete, go down the stairs on the chest and all the way to the end of the arena, where you originally enter.

When a captain was killed, the door to the right of the large entrance to the landing zone has the chance to open up. If two are spawn, it should open if you interact with the switch. You will then find it behind the door in the corner.

All 4 Calus Bobblehead Locations Guide - Week 1 (#1 Fan Triumph) [Destiny 2]

Pleasure Gardens Bobblead location

Take the door in the middle of the arena from the Castellum to get to the pleasure gardens.

Go to the central platform in the gardens and go behind the statue in the middle on this platform to find the location of Calus Wackelkopf.

Royal Pools Bobblead location

Go from the entrance to the Royal Pools to the rear right corner of the area. Here is a cave carved into the ground that leads into the inner hull of the ship.

Go past the blue illuminated corridor and then when you reach the square space, turn right. Here you will find another corridor parallel to the other. At the end you will find the wobble head figure in the corner on the floor.

SEVER-BOBBLEAD location of the Shame mission

The next wobbly location can be found in the “Sever-Hame” mission. Go on until you reach the 4 manual overwriting.

If you are asked to carry the heavy object, make it bridging in the lower area of the area and through the small gap you can squeeze through. Jump on the platform and then climb the pipes to the top. Up here you will find the position of the wobbly head figure.

This covers all Destiny 2 Bobblead locations. Keep an eye on these instructions because we update them every week with the latest wobbly heads.

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