MMO about the monsters Temtem will come out of early access on September 6

TemTem, a game about collecting creatures from Crema and Humble Games will finally come out of early access at the end of this year. The ideological heir to the Pokemon series on September 6, 2022 will appear on the consoles of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch.

As in the GameFreak games series, in TemTem the main emphasis is on the collecting process and the battles of peculiar bestial creatures. In the release version 1.0, the last of the islands of the archipelago should appear, seasons with combat passes, weekly tasks and much more will be introduced.

Temtem Release Date Trailer | Out of Early Access on September 6th!
Preliminary orders are already open to all platforms except Nintendo Switch. For preliminary purchase, a digital Deluxe-publication TemTem is available, which includes in addition to the main game, intra-game cosmetics.

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