Netize, Harry Potter: Awakened Magic Trailer Public

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Trailer | NetEase Connect 2022
[Netize Games Park Ye -jin reporter] Netize Games and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment released the ‘Harry Potter: Awakened Magic’ trailer video on the 20th.

In the trailer video, an office worker on the subway, a student choosing a book from the library, and a baseball player traveling to Harry Potter: Awakened Magic.

Harry Potter: The wake -up magic is a real -time card battle role game (RPG) that reproduces the ‘Harry Potter’ magic world, and is set in the world after several years in the original. It is a story that dreams of becoming the best wizard like Harry, Ron and Hermi Onne.

Cross platforms such as the Apple operating system, Android, and PCs will be supported, and the data sharing function (cross -program) can be introduced and played with any device.

Harry Potter: The wake -up magic will proceed with closed beta (CBT) within the year. The movie ‘Mysterious Animals and the Secrets of Dumbledore’ and Collaboration, which were released on April 8 this year, are also planned, and the animals in the film will appear in the game.

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