How to get a Volcanic Assassin quests for free in Fortnite

Fortnite was not going to stay away during the Epic Games Megaras. In accordance with several free gifts that EPIC Games gives out during the event, Lopens can now redeem the Volcanic Assassin Quest in Fortnite for free. The whole process is not so complicated. This is what you need to do.

How to get a Volcanic Assassin quest set for free in Fortnite

To get this set, all you need to do is enter Fortnite through the Epic Games launch program, as usual. After you enter the game, go to the Fortnite items and scroll down to the end. You can get the quest set of Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack from there. After you get a set of quests, you will receive new quests associated with this set of quests. The quests are as follows:

Fortnite Complete 'Volcanic Assassin' Quests Guide - How to Unlock All Volcanic Assassin Rewards

set fire to buildings (100) *: decoration on the back of Fiery Jam
Experient the phases of the storm (50) : wrapping a fire stream
Damage to opponents (2100) : Kirka Sulfur street shine
* Perform 3 tasks of the volcanic killer. : Tectonic complex skin

Having received a set, you can perform these quests at your own pace. These quests are not attached to the time, so they will not disappear as soon as the current season comes to an end. Nevertheless, you need to pick up this set before June 16 if you want for free. The Volcanic Assassin Quest set will be available in the Fortnite item store later, but it will not be available for free.

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