Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Producer tells fans to stop doubting

All nights at Freddy Jason Blum’s films producer has tried to give fans some confidence in the next film adaptation. It is no secret that video games have a bad story when it comes to being adapted for the big screen. There are some truly catastrophic video game films, such as Resident Evil’s films, Mario’s real action movie and many more. Although Hollywood is beginning to better understand why people like these games and how to translate it properly, many still have doubts about certain projects. When it was confirmed that a new nights in Freddy’s_ the film was in process in Blumhouse, many had reactions found. Although the study is known for producing some of the best horror films of the last decade, that does not mean that it is able to adapt such a beloved game.

However, producer Jason Blum has tried to end skepticism telling fans to “stop doubting” the project. Of course, this will probably not work since anyone has seen anything from the film, so no one can say the level of quality behind it. The film has had some ups and downs over the years, even lost its director at the end of last year. Skepticism is probably not unjustified, but the fact that Blum tries to demonstrate that skeptics are wrong shows a level of confidence in the project. If the film is not good, all this could be counterproductive, but they have been working hard in the film for many years.

Earlier this year, Jason Blum promised that the film will still be released after a prolonged period of silence, but there are no concrete details or launch plans for the film at this time. Maybe let’s listen more about the movie later this summer when film studios attend events such as Comic-Con, from now on, Blumhouse still has to choose a director to replace Chris Columbus. Anyway, it is good to see that the study takes time and does not rush to capitalize on the exaggeration of the video game series.

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