Commands and cheats of the console V Rising

As you may already know, V Rising also offers the possibility of placing selected servers in addition to placing your own private game. Stunlock Studios has provided fans with the opportunity to play their own games and establish their own rules. Although setting up a dedicated server is a separate process, here we will focus on teams and cheats V Rising Console. You can use these console commands and cheats on your placed server or in a private game.

how to enable console commands in V Riding

The use of console commands, also called administrator teams, is not particularly difficult for the allocated V Rising servers. You just need to take a few simple steps:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the console is included in the settings menu in V Riding.

After that, when you are in the game, you can press the Tilda “` ”key under the ESC key on the keyboard to open the console menu.

And if you use the server rental through GPortal, you should go to the main GPortal settings and find the “Administrative List” option. Here you need to add your Steam ID 64 for verification. And if you want to add other players as an administrator, you must also add their identifiers Steam 64. Now, if you are interested in how to get Steam-64-AID, you can use this tool to do it easily.

After the identifier was added to the GPORTAL, turn on the option of the in -game console in the settings, and now you can access the administrator console / panel panel for the rented GPortal V RISING servers by pressing the `key.

list of commands V Rising Console

After you opened the console using the `key, you will find list of commands you can use for your dedicated server or private game. Firstly, you need to enter a “list” in the console and press Enter. This will show you a list of commands available to you.

Some of these teams are related to the settings, some are associated with the rights of the administrator, and some can be considered as cheats. To use these commands, you need to enter the name of this team, and then press the “gap” key on the keyboard. This will give you additional opportunities regarding these commands. Some teams even need two parameters to execute, so they can be a little complicated.

For example, if you want to use the LogdestroyEvents command from the list of commands, it will ask you two parameters that you can indicate by pressing the gap. And if you want to exclude the player, just enter the Kick command, and then press the “gap” key on the keyboard, and it will automatically show you a list of players from which you can exclude the player. The same goes for blocking and unlocking players on your server.

V Climbing Chita

As mentioned earlier, some console commands in V Rising serve as direct cheats. For example, you can use the “Give” command to give your character certain items or bonuses.

Then there is another interesting team that you can use to obtain certain sets of armor and weapons in the game. Type Gift and click the gap to get a list of sets that you can use. As soon as you press Enter, these sets will be automatically included in your inventory.

V-Rising: Console Commands
There are other teams with which you can experiment, for example, to teleport to the player or teleport other players to you.

So, this is a brief leadership that tells how to include console commands in V Riding and how to actually use these commands for different purposes.

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