Call of Duty Warzone Demon Gun, Most Feared Bug, Reappears with New Evolution

Once again, Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale of the popular saga, will have to face the arrival of various bugs in its game.

In addition to the skins that disappear or even the broken weapons, a bug has just returned to the greatest misfortune of the players, and it is the bug that we all call Demon Gun.

The Demon Gun is back in Warzone.
Demon Gun is a bug that explicitly affects the player’s equipment and weapon. When one of them is on the ground and decides to pick it up, the gun turns into a great black mass that prevents the wearer from seeing anything. As a Battle Royale player, you have indeed had to face this bug at one point, which can seem quite scary and surprising when you first come across it.

Well, it’s back, and even with a new version. On the world-famous Reddit social network, the player named OowlwoO has posted a video in which we see the error reappearing.

However, although he published the video, he is not directly affected by this famous bug since it is another player who has suffered it.

While our player quietly goes to look for his class located on a drop not far from him, a vast black mass approaches him at full speed, and it only takes him a few seconds to understand reality.

With this group of black pixels, our player can’t distinguish anything from the enemy imprisoned in this mass, and OowlwoO tries to shoot him somehow, but with no real success. While on the contrary, whoever is affected by this bug seems to see it correctly. And he manages, not without difficulty, to do a lot of damage to him, even kill him, and that is where the new version resides. If initially, this bug prevents whoever contracts it from seeing what is happening around them, it seems that the roles are reversed today.

Because of the problems caused by this bug, we should be entitled to the bug fix in the next few days, at least, we hope. Meanwhile, we remind you that Raven Software’s Battle Royale offers you one more week, the Operation Monarch event. And it’s not based on Sanxenxo.

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