The Elder Scrolls Online represents Lady Arabella, a new character of the head of a tall island

When Zenimax was just starting to talk about what would happen next in The Elder Scrolls Online, mysterious parcels were sent, which mentioned a certain Lady Arabel. In the series “Acquaintance with the character from the high island” a new entry appeared, and this time we are offered to get acquainted with Lady Arabel Davo.

Lady Arabel came from a noble family, but she needed adventures, so as an adolescence she escaped from the house and joined the group of mercenaries. She became a soldier, rose to the captain in the lion’s guard and commanded her own detachment. After she succeeded, she was noticed by King Wayrest Emerik, who ultimately headed the Covenant Daggerfall and later reconciled her to the spy network of Dagols. Some do not quite believe in her stories, while others believe that she invented her adventures.

The character’s profile is made in the form of an interview, and Lady Arabel talks about her reputation and what is attributed to her, but in general, the new blog gives some idea of politics and history that can be expected in the “high island”. Arabel is a kind of player, she is dodgy and skillfully uses charm and deception. You can read the full entry about the new character by the link.

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