Soul Hackers 2: New details about the demon fusion and presentation of Saizo

In the third part of a video series for Soul Hackers 2, the possibilities of demon fusion are shown and Saizo as another character.
During the demon fusion, two demons are essentially conjured up into a new one.
You can also determine or select your skills.

While two demons can be combined with normal mergers, special fusions also require special demons.

Soul Hackers 2 Lots of NEW Details (Character Bios, Story, Demons and MORE)
The demons rise at the level, which means that they can gain new skills.
If the maximum is reached, there is even a gift with useful advantages or buffs.
Through Saizo as a new member, the video reveals, among other things, that it is referred to as a man with which everyone manages.
It is still very good in dealing with weapons and has a high affinity for power capabilities.
As a healer, he can also serve the group as a supporter.

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