The best mods for Brawlhalla

Brawhalla itself is a very funny game, but fashion makes it even more interesting. The best mods in Brawlhalla are those that add fun, but do not distract from the main attractions – battles. Here are a few unforgettable mods that you should try.

Best Fashion for Brawhalla, which is worth trying right now

4 – additional fantasy weapons

To have a wide selection of weapons for the battle in any game is always fun. There are not many weapons in Brawhalla, despite the fact that each legend owns two different types of weapons. As a result, legends can use the same weapons, which makes them less unique.

The fantasy-armed mod adds 52 completely new user skins of weapons, which makes the game much more diverse. Due to how he adds a lot to game experience, this is one of those mods that you must use by default.

3 – Play Goku

The list of mods of Brawhalla would be incomplete without mentioning the character’s fashion. Our beloved is the dream of Goku Mod, which adds GOKU from the Dragon Ball series. With many fighters who master martial arts in Brawhalla, it is nice to have GOK. In truth, playing Goku is just great in any game and anywhere.

2 – Replace swords with light swords

The only thing that is better than swords is light swords. With light swords with sounds, you can use light swords in battle and even change colors. You can think about them as training lights, because they do not kill from one blow, but this does not detract from how good they are. This mod replaces Hattori’s monovolokon blade, so it will not be available to all legends.

1 – Epic sunset card

The Firewatch Miami Dome modification replaces the standard Miami Dome arena with an exciting view of the mountains at sunset from the Firewatch game. Even if you don’t like Firewatch, you will evaluate the view from this mod. This gives the aesthetics of the final battle at dusk.

The Coolest Brawlhalla Mod!

In addition, the card is small, so each battle here will be intense and forcing to sweat. In general, this is a great map that can be saved for life, because it is so well composed.

To find out more about Brawlhalla, read the section “Best characters Brawlhalla” or “How to add friends in Brawlhalla” here in the game manuals for professionals!

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