Healing marbles are officially announced by “Marks Magnification MARBLE MAZE”. Forget the stress and just roll it up

Mark Schramm, a personal developer, officially announced “ Mark’s Magnificent Marble Maze ” on May 13. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The release is scheduled for 2022.

Marble Maze Labyrinth

“Mark’s Magnificent Marble Maze” is a 3D puzzle game with the theme of “Ballet rolling”. In front of the player, a maze assembled in a wooden frame is presented, inside a marble. The player operates the marbles by tilting the maze. Aim to roll well and lead to the goal. This work focuses on relaxing and playing, and there is no element that will be the pressure of the player. There is no timer that indicates the time limit, and there is no leader board to compete for time and score.

The stage includes 200 kinds of maze. Some are relaxed and played, and some are somewhat devised. For example, on a stage where pitfalls exist in the maze, you may need to carry a cautious ball. In a maze with a disorder, it is necessary to lead the main marbles to the goal by first dropping a small marbles into the depression and blocking them. In addition, there seems to be a stage where multiple marbles have to be scored, and there are situations where skillful control skills are needed. There is a gimmick that jumps the marbles, making the player feel tired.

In addition, pay attention to the surrounding environment surrounding the maze. A cozy space, such as a moody room with an indirect lighting, a room on the waterside overlooking the wide sky and horizontal lines, and a warm room in the snow falling. I want to listen to the sound effects with the atmosphere that matches each environment.

In addition, the music flowing in the background is also available in a variety of genres. Lo-Fi, piano volcanic, forks and calm electronica will heal the players from their ears. It is also particular about the sound effects, and the sound of rolling and hitting the ball seems to be ASMR -level quality. This work has a mode called “ZEN MODE”. It can be used as a screensaber by looking back on the progress of the player so far.

Mark’s MARK SCHRAMM is the development of Mark’s Magnificent Marble Maze. He is a developer who specializes in VR and has participated as a lead VR developer in “SUPERHOT VR”. He is currently developing the VR puzzle game “GRAVITY LAB”. He actively released a play video of “Mark’s Magnification Marble Maze” on his Twitter account. He has uploaded a lot of how he plays on Steam Deck, and can be seen that this work has been optimized for the aircraft.

“Mark’s Magnificent Marble Maze” will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam).

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